Carnitine (60 Capsules)

Cardiovascular Health, Supports Metabolism

web-Carnitine Carnitine is labelled as an amino acid because of its chemical makeup; however, it is actually a vitamin-like nutrient, related in structure to the B vitamins.


Carnitine plays an essential role in transporting fatty acids into the muscles for energy, and is needed to transport these substances into the heart muscle. Nearly 60% of the energy for the heart muscle is supplied by fatty acids.


Carnitine is useful for athletes who use coconut oil or other medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils as an energy source for endurance sports.


Recommended Dosage:

1 or 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily, or as directed by the healthcare professional.
If pregnant consult physician before taking it. 


Target Client:

Men or women seeking optimal sports performance, and cases where carnitine deficiency is affecting fat metabolism and energy production.


Hong Kong Compliance

Ingredients: Carnitine (L-form), Gelatin Capsule, Ascorbyl Palmitate (E304), and Silica (E551).

SVE No.: 10-015378


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