Are you prescribing the best practitioner-grade nutritional supplements available? Are they compliant with the labeling laws and regulations of Hong Kong?


Integrated Nutraceuticals Limited distributes professional-grade nutraceutical and health products. “Nutraceuticals” is a name for nutritional supplements with therapeutic properties. Our nutraceutical health products are available only to healthcare practitioners for their patients.


“Our mission is to bring effective, clinical-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements to healthcare practitioners in Hong Kong.”


All of our products comply with the labeling laws and regulations of Hong Kong. Where required by law, products will have a “SVE Number” issued by the Food and Environment Hygiene Department and a label listing all the ingredients and any allergenic foods. The product descriptions offered in this catalogue  include the SVE Number and ingredient information.


The labeling laws prohibit producers of herbal therapies or nutritional supplements from making health claims or recommendations to treat illnesses. In this catalogue, we have referenced several of the studies proving the effectiveness of many of the ingredients found in our products. We are also very willing to provide more educational materials to help you assist your patients back to a state of optimal wellbeing.


INL is the sole distributor of products from Innate Response, Vital Nutrients, and Omega Nutrition. The first two brands are available only to practitioners and are not available in retail stores.


“Our Vision Is To Co-Create Wellbeing With You.”

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