Chromium (polynicotinate) 200mcg (90 Capsules)


Chromium (polynicotinate) is another well-absorbed and well-researched form of this important nutrient, a form some practitioners prefer to recommend. The polynicotinate fraction increases the absorbability of chromium and is lipophyllic, allowing absorption through the cell membranes (Gropper, 2009).


When supplied with chromium, the body can more easily make Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), a compound containing chromium, nicotinic acid, glycine, glutamine, and a sulfur-containing amino acid. Chromium deficiency results in insulin resistance, high triglyceride levels, and low levels of HDL (Gropper, 2009).


Demand for chromium is increased by stress, metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), and late onset diabetes (Gropper, 2009).


Recommended Dosage:

1 to 2 capsules daily, or as directed by the healthcare professional.
If pregnant consult your physician before taking it.


Hong Kong Compliance

Ingredients: Chromium (polynicotinate), Rice Powder, Gelatin Capsule, Ascorbyl Palmitate (E304), and Silica (E551).

SVE No.: 10-015380



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