Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil & Capsules
(454g and 150 Capsules)

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Coconut oil is popular for its health benefits and is a safe oil for high-temperature frying. Omega Nutrition offers two certified organic coconut oil choices: full-flavoured Virgin Coconut Oil and neutral-flavoured 100% pure Coconut Oil.


Each product provides a beneficial medium-chain fatty acid known as lauric acid. This is an ideal source of sustained-release energy that especially suits athletes. Lauric acid is also naturally found in breast milk, where it protects newborns from infections and disease. The lauric acid in coconut oil is a natural germ inhibitor and can be useful in managing yeast or fungal overgrowth.


Coconut oil is metabolized efficiently and tends to be converted into energy rather than stored as fat. Dieters, athletes, and people who have trouble digesting fat prefer coconut oil over other frying oils.


Omega Nutrition's original, neutral-flavoured Coconut Oil is ideal for dishes that do not require a discernible coconut flavour. Ideal for moderate to high-temperature cooking, coconut oil replaces butter or shortening in baking recipes. It is also a great vegan and dairy-free alternative to butter on toast or crackers.


Omega Nutrition's Virgin Coconut Oil is suitable for raw food diets and is great for cooking dishes that benefit from a full coconut flavour and aroma.


This product is also available in 1,000 mg Virgin Coconut Oil in Capsules. These delicious carob-coated capsules are easily chewable and ideal for coconut on-the go. They are great for travel or at the office.


Hong Kong Compliance


SVE No.: 10-031288



SVE No.: 09-008841



Ingredients: Organic, Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil, Capsule [Gelatin, Glycerin (E422), Purified Water, Carob (E410)].

SVE No.: 10-031286


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