Cold Milled Flax Seeds (500g)

Cold Milled Flax Seeds provides a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of freshly-ground flax seeds without the fuss. The process of cold milling chops the seed without heating the mill blades, so the delicate EFAs remain intact.

Omega Nutrition Cold Milled Flax Seeds features only the best-tasting and most nutritious seeds. They can be added to cereals, blender drinks, or sprinkled on casseroles, salads, or vegetables. Use in baking recipes to replace flour, oils, or eggs, to add moisture and texture, or to extend shelf life.  It is widely used by strength athletes and those wanting to increase muscle mass as it is a great source of healthy fats and is highly calorific.


It is a highly preserved source of healthy oils, protein and fibre that is free from sugars, soy, dairy and preservatives. Certified-organic flax seeds are carefully chosen and cold milled to keep the essential fatty acids intact.

The wonders of flax seeds include:

• Omega-3 essential fatty acids – for cardiovascular health and brain development;

• Proteins – for growth and repair of muscles and other tissues


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