In the Hong Kong legal jurisdiction, all orally-consumed items need to be classified as either food or as Pharmaceutical Drugs. All but one of INL's orally-consumed products are classified as Nutritional Supplements, which are part of the food category. (Glucosamine Sulphate is classified as a Pharmaceutical Drug in Hong Kong. We supply a registered, well proven Glucosamine product called Viatril–S).


All Nutritional Supplements must be compliant with Hong Kong's Nutritional Labeling Laws. All of our Nutritional Supplements are compliant either by carrying the "7 + 1" Nutrition Facts Table, or are exempt from the table under the Small Volumes Exemption (SVE) scheme.


The SVE scheme requires we label all ingredients in descending order, have a "use by" date, and list the manufacturer clearly on the labels. An application under the SVE is approved by the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD), in a process unofficially overseen by the Department of Health.


All our Nutritional Supplements have been approved under these legal procedures and have been issued an SVE Number by the FEHD. When the SVE number is absent from our website listing, the product is not for oral consumption or has the "7 + 1" Nutrition Facts table. You will find these ingredient lists and SVE numbers on the website for your reference.


The products supplied to the practitioner will have these compliant labels affixed to them. You will find no "health claims" on any of our labels, as is stipulated by our laws in Hong Kong.


This means that for the first time as a practitioner, you can display all our product range proudly in public areas of your clinic, as they all have the legally-required labeling.


You should also be aware of the Undesirable Medical Advertising Ordinance (UMAO), which forbids making certain types of health claims when it comes to promoting Nutritional Supplements. To comply with this ordinance, our INL catalogue is provided free only to healthcare practitioners for educational purposes. It is not to be made available to clients or patients for advertising or promotional purposes.

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