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carrots_pictInnate Response is manufactured in the U.S. by BioSan Laboratories, an FDA-registered facility that has been independently audited with a standing "superior" rating. The company has been formulating and manufacturing quality dietary supplements from whole foods and herbs for the natural health industry since 1972.



Innate Response uses only 100% Whole Food in their Supplements. Why?

It is important to realize that, in nature, vitamins are never isolated. They are always present in the form of vitamin-food complexes. These complexes are provided by Innate Response Whole Food supplements. Human beings ideally get their nutrition from foods, but for optimal levels, supplements are needed. Innate Response provides these as naturally-derived vitamins and minerals that are bound to whole food complexes.

Sourced from Raw Foodrapidnutrientdelivery_pict

Innate supplements are made from 100% Whole Food, and are 100% FoodState®- guaranteed. Most products are not produced this way. Most of you have probably not toured a vitamin company, nor have seen the ingredients that actually go into most supplements. If you did, you would be surprised by what you would see. You would probably see barrels of isolated, chemically produced vitamins (often from low quality or inexpensive pharmaceutical companies) that more closely resemble chemicals than anything edible.

Innate Response products are derived from real whole foods. Pictured above are extracts of real foods still containing the vibrant colours of the phytonutrients which remaining intact. These real foods have been milled, concentrated, and carefully dried to become the truly effective nutritional product that is guaranteed in every bottle. This is what we demand for our own health and we wouldn't expect anything less for you or your clients.

Exclusive Low-Temp Dryingexclusivelowtemp_drying_pic

Innate is committed to starting with fresh whole foods. During processing, the nutritive value of the whole food is ensured with the Refractance Window® (RW). RW-drying gently dehydrates Innate's vitamins and minerals. This method is superior to freeze-drying or spray-drying, as its moderate temperatures protect the integrity of fresh foods.

Supplement Factsinnate label

People often ask for the chemical name of the vitamins used in the Innate Response products; for example, whether the vitamin C is ascorbic acid or calcium ascorbate. However, none of the vitamins found in nature are in this isolated chemical form. The form Innate uses is FoodState®, and their labels list the RW-dried food concentrate used for obtaining each nutrient. When you look at their label, you will notice that the vitamin potencies are labeled differently from those of other supplements. All nutrients are listed with the amount of RW-dried food concentrate along with the quantity of the nutrient in the formula. For example in the label pictured right, Vitamin C (from 600 mg Orange concentrate), 150 mg.

In whole food, vitamins have evolved as sets of interacting constituents working in harmony as a unified whole. The FoodState® concentrate not only provides the nutrient, it also provides all of the secondary food compounds, natural enzymes, and phytonutrients needed for optimal nutrient delivery.


Innate Response Product List

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