Lysine 500mg (100 Capsules)

Supports Immune Function and Normal Arginine Levels

web-LysineLysine provides nutritional support to the immune system. It helps maintain normal levels of arginine in the body.

Tissue culture studies have demonstrated increased herpes virus replication when the amino acid ratio of arginine to lysine favors arginine. A preponderance of lysine in relation to arginine, however, suppresses herpes viral replication and inhibits the clinical symptoms of the herpes simplex virus (Gropper, 2009).


Griffith and colleagues (1987) conducted a trial of L-lysine monohydrochloride. The 114 subjects were randomized to take 1,000 mg of lysine three times daily. The number of outbreaks, compared with expectations based on the patients' experiences in the previous year, was smaller in the lysine group than in the placebo group (p < 0.01). More patients in the lysine group than the placebo group reported their symptoms to be "milder" (74% versus 28%) (p < 0.01). The study concluded that lysine appeared to reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of outbreaks.


Recommended Dosage:

1 to 3 capsules 1 to 3 times daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.
If pregnant, consult your physician before taking it. 

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