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left-side-bannerOmega Nutrition was the first company to introduce certified organic Flax Oil to North America over 20 years ago. Flax Oil is the premier source of vegetable-based omega-3, containing about 60% omega-3.


Pure and un-oxidized oils


Omega Nutrition created the unique omegaflo® process to manufacture fresh, unrefined oils from organic seeds and nuts. The omegaflo® process protects the delicate EFAs from excessive heat, light, and oxygen during processing and bottling. Omega Nutrition oils contain no solvents, hexane, bleaching, or deodorizing agents of any kind. Their oils earned the highest rating in independent laboratory tests published by Proof Magazine in the U.K.


Expanded product range 


With continuing research and development, Omega Nutrition's product line has expanded to include an entire range of oils, capsules, and other nutritional supplements. In addition to pure Flax Oil, the range includes mixtures of Omega-3, 6, and 9 oils such as: Essential Balance, capsules of Flax and Borage oils, and Coconut Oil capsules. Their products are enjoyably added to foods or drinks. For example, the Flax Oil with an orange flavour is excellent in smoothies. 


The popular Omega Nutrition organic coconut oil comes in two varieties for cooking — natural and deodorized — and is also available in capsules.


Careful transportation


A critical difference between Omega Nutrition oils and others in the Hong Kong market is that INL receives fresh products by air freight every month. They are not transported by sea containers, which often reach temperatures greater than 40 degrees Celsius for over a month, resulting in damage to the delicate EFAs. Once the products are received by INL, we take care to ensure the oils are stored under refrigeration and properly transported for distribution within Hong Kong.


Our expedited shipments ensure that Omega Nutrition oils are not oxidised, and therefore are still effective and taste good.



Omega Nutrition Product List

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