Innate Response

Innate Response manufactures and supplies primarily vitamins and minerals that are 100% Whole Food nutrients, rather than synthetically-produced isolated vitamins and minerals (as are nearly all other vitamin supplements). They are not pharmaceutical medicines, but are approved as foods by the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD). Our Innate Response range includes the key vitamins and essential cofactors that exist in raw foods, all still bound in the food matrix for improved absorption by the body.




Vital Nutrients

Our Vital Nutrients range generally comprises herbal extracts in capsules, with the therapeutically-active ingredients standardized in doses that have been scientifically proven to aid specific needs and health issues. The company exceeds industry Quality Assurance standards, and is widely known as the leader through its third party verification process. Their supplements set the bar for purity, potency, stability, and consistency.








Our BioCeuticals range includes several excellent probiotics, fibre and herbal products for intestinal health, as well as whey protein as a meal replacement beverage. BioCeuticals is a provider of quality, Australian Government approved, nutraceuticals - supplied only to health practitioners. We air freight in all our probiotics and store them under refrigeration.










Omega Nutrition

Omega Nutrition is a Canadian manufacturer, pioneering the production of undamaged, cold-pressed, certified organic Flax Seed Oil. Flax oil is the premier source of vegetarian omega-3 oils, which are beneficial to cardiovascular health. You will note their range also includes virgin coconut oil, as well as Omega 3-6-9 vegetable oil blends for a complete range of omega oil products sourced from nuts and seeds. INL is the sole distributor of Omega Nutrition. We guarantee we air-freight in the oils, and store under refrigeration.




We have sourced three practitioner-only partners
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