Practitioner Conference on Candida and Food Intolerance Testings


World expert gives seminar on the links between Gut Infections and Mental Illnesses at IMI. Dr. William Shaw has pioneered the science linking Autism, Hyperactivity, Schitzophrenia and other mental issues with intestinal infections such as Candida fungus or Clostridial bacteria. He recently presented a seminar at IMI with Graeme Bradshaw, IMI Founder, Naturopath & Homeopath. Dr. Shaw founded a lab called the Great Plains Diagnostic Lab where he has pioneered the discoveries of Organic Acid Testing (from urine samples), and how these link to toxins from intestinal infections. With this test doctors and naturopaths can establish if there are active intestinal infections of Candida, or bacterial overgrowth in the gut. Dr. Shaw and Graeme gave case histories on success over Autism Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Depression and Schitzophrenia by correcting intestinal infections and related food allergies.


Graeme Bradshaw & Dr William Shaw
 Dr William Shaw presented at the conference.
 Graeme Bradshaw presented at the conference. 


14 July 2013 One Day Practitioner Conference in Hong Kong.


Dr. William Shaw, founder/director of the Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.
and Graeme Bradshaw, founder/director of the Integrated Medicine Institute present:



Research studies have revealed that many mental health disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and other related disorders have dietary and biological causes that contribute to symptoms and that need to be diagnosed and treated to obtain optimal health. Among these causes we can mention intestinal candida overgrowth, bacterial gut dysbiosis, and food intolerance. Patients have better outcomes when these causes are successfully addressed and treated through a combination of specialised testing and nutritional therapies, even in combination with traditional approaches.

The main focus of this conference is to give practitioners a whole body approach to successfully diagnose underlying issues contributing to the manifestations of neurological, social, and behavioural disorders.

During this conference the following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • An overview of biological testing, designed to detect underlying health issues that contribute to imbalanced brain chemistry and behavioural abnormalities.
  • Practical clinical applications of nutritional therapies for the treatment of mental illness and autism will be presented in detail during this conference.
  • Case studies to demonstrate how individuals respond to integrative treatments.
  • Practical applications that can be easily applied in a clinical setting.
  • The relevance of the urine Organic Acids Test (OAT) that Dr. Shaw developed which indicates:

    - Candida toxins
    - Clostridial and other bacterial dysbiosis markers
    - Neurotransmitter abnormalities
    - Mitochondrial dysfunction and disruption of energy production
    • - Compromised detoxification


Why Attend This Conference?

The speakers at this conference support a whole body approach, utilising multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences to help patients obtain mental wellness. The integrative approach includes metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary interventions, and traditional medical treatments. The concepts and practical guidelines presented at this conference can dramatically improve the quality of life of your patients.




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Health Conditions and Testings

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