Policosanol 20mg (60 Capsules)

Supports Healthy Lipid Metabolism


web-PolicosanolPolicosanol is a mixture of long chain alcohols extracted from sugar cane wax. Research suggests that policosanol supports healthy cholesterol levels. In a 2005 review paper, policosinol reduced LDL on average by 23.7% at 12 mg/day (1,528 patients) versus 0.11% for a placebo (1,406 patients) in 29 eligible studies (p<0.0001). Policosanol also effectively raised HDL more favorably than plant sterols with 10 mg policosinol, raising HDL by a significant 15% (p<0.0001). The metastudy concluded that policosanol favorably alters the lipid profile, approaching anti-lipemic drug efficacy (Chen, 2005).


The American Heart Journal reported that studies of policosanol indicate that it inhibits hepatic cholesterol synthesis at a step before mevalonate generation, and that HMCoA reductase inhibition (as with statins) is unlikely. LDL catabolism may be enhanced. Policosanol provides additional beneftis, such as effects on intimal smooth muscle cell proliferation, platelet aggregation, and LDL peroxidation (Castaño et al., 2005). At doses of up to 20 mg per day, policosanol is safe and well tolerated, as indicated by studies of over three years of therapy (Gouni-Berthold & Berthold, 2002).


Recommended Dosage:

1 capsule once or twice daily, or as directed by healthcare professional.

If pregnant, consult your physician before taking it.


Target Client:

Men or women who need to support lipid homeostasis, in addition to antioxidants, diet, and exercise. For reduction of triglycerides, combine with fish oils (Castaño et al., 2005). Note that in Hong Kong it may be that only medical practitioners are legally allowed to treat high cholesterol. It is advised to cooperate with any prescribing doctors, and have cholesterol levels monitored.


Hong Kong Compliance

Ingredients: Policosanol, Rice Powder, Magnesium Citrate, Cellulose Capsule (E460), Ascorbyl Palmitate (E304), and Silica (E551).

SVE No.: 10-015882



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