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The previous three sections of the Four Core Supplements — Whole Food Multivitamins, The Omega Oils, and Probiotics — contain the general foundational nutrients needed to significantly improve most people's health. However, treatments tailored to the individual are always necessary. The products in this Targeted Relief section enables you, as a health professional, to treat the specific health conditions of your clients, hence it is more complex and contains a wider range of products. It includes:


  • Additional vitamin and mineral products to provide supplementary nutrients for special issues related to vitamin or mineral deficiencies. For example, tests commonly reveal sub-optimal levels of vitamin D, magnesium, chromium and zinc. For individuals with such deficiencies, a general multivitamin may not be enough.
  • Key western herbal medicines for a number of common complaints, such as elevated cholesterol, joint pains, and poor immunity.
  • Potent detoxification products, as detoxification is fundamental to good health.
  • Products new to the Hong Kong market, such as Mannose, Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), and Policosanol.

    We provide the organically-bound or whole food-bound mineral formats that are the most well-absorbed. Many common mineral products in the marketplace are bound to inorganic compounds, such as calcium carbonate. Such compounds are hard for the body to absorb; generally, only 20% of the mineral is bioavailable, and even less is available in the elderly who often have low stomach acidity. Minerals bound to organic compounds, such as citrate, malate, or glycinate are much easier to absorb than the inorganic form of minerals. For the two brands we recommend, up to 50% is bioavailable in Vital Nutrients products (identified by "VN" in the product codes), and up to 80% is bioavailable in the food-bound Innate Response products (identified by "IR" in the product codes).


    Innate Response products have the advantage of being food-state, which is especially significant in products such as Antioxidants and Vision Response. Synthetic isolated antioxidant vitamins have failed to produce results comparable to food-state products in several reported studies (Vinson et al., 1989). Innate Response products have a higher bioavailability and are in the complex forms found in food.


    Our herbal products from Vital Nutrients are all made from concentrated extracts, providing standardized levels of the active ingredients. In Germany, a semi-government authority called Commission E established the concept of the "standardized herbal extract" to manage the issue of differing levels of active ingredients in herbs. The Commission set out to establish effective doses of over-the-counter medicines. Many herbs have earned a great reputation based on these German studies; for example, milk thistle, Ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, and St John's Wort. However, many herbal products outside Germany under these names do not provide anything near the standardized effective proven doses of key ingredients. All of our Vital Nutrients products do meet these German standards.


    At INL, we provide products for health professionals, and we know you need effective therapies to obtain excellent results for your clients. To maintain these professional standards, we prefer you dispense our products in their original containers (excepting Glucosamine from the 500 capsule bulk product). Your reputation will be maintained and your clients will have confidence in the products when they can see where they are made and that they comply with Hong Kong labeling laws.



    Targeted Relief Product List

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