Thyroid Response® Complete Care (90 Tablets)

Our Most Comprehensive Thyroid Formula



Included in this formula are thyroid-supportive nutrients such as iodine, selenium, and the amino acid tyrosine. Selenium is a cofactor for 5'-deiodinase, the enzyme required to convert T4 to T3. Iodine and L-tyrosine are required in the production of thyroid hormones.


Guggul (Indian frankincense) increases production of T3 (Panda & Kar, 1999).


This whole-herb blend includes ashwagandha to support thyroid function in the form of Sensoril®, an extract that revitalizes metabolic processes associated with stress and fatigue. In chronically-stressed patients, Sensoril® has been shown to decrease serum cortisol by 14.5%, while increasing DHEA significantly (by 13.2%) over a two-month period (Auddy et al., 2008). High cortisol suppresses thyroid function. Holy basil is reputed to have similar benefits on stress, based on animal studies.


Additional whole herbs include bladderwrack and Coleus forskohlii root. Coleus contains forskolin, an activator of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) found in many tissues, including the thyroid gland. It has experimentally increased T3 and T4 production (Laurberg, 1984).


Recommended Dosage:

2 tablets daily, or as directed by the healthcare practitioner.


Target Client:

Men or women who need to promote and support healthy thyroid function.


Hong Kong Compliance

Ingredients: L-Tyrosine, Gugulipid® Gum Resin, Vegetable Cellulose (E460), Holy Basil Leaf, Sensoril® Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract, Coleus Forskohlii Root, Rice Bran, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (probiotic yeast extract containing bio-transformed nutrients), Guar Gum (E412), Bladderwrack, Sea Vegetable, Irish Moss, Carob Pod (E410), Carrot, Silica (E551), and Vegetable Lubricant.

SVE No.: 10-026534



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