Traumeel® Gel (50g)

Active Ingredients:

Each 1 g contains tinctures of: Calendula officinalis equiv. fresh herb fl. 1.5 mg; Hamamelis virginiana equiv. fresh bark 1.5 mg; Echinacea angustfolia equiv. fresh whole plant 500 µg; Echinacea purpurea equiv. fresh herb fl. 500 µg; Matricaria recutita equiv. fresh whole plant 500 µg; Bellis perennis equiv. fresh whole plant 500 µg; Achillea millefolium equiv. fresh herb fl. 300 µg; Arnica montana 3X 15 mg; Symphytum officinale 4X 1 mg; Hypericum perforatum 6X 900 µg; Aconitum napellus 1X 500 µg; Atropa belladonna 1X 500 µg; Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni 6X 400 µg; Hepar sulfuris 6X 250 µg.
Gel base containing: Carbomer 980, purified water, sodium hydroxide, ethanol. 


Directions for use:

Adults and children: Rub into afected area morning and night.



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