Ultra Pure Fish Oil 1400 (200ml)

(Liquid, Lemon Flavour) (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Deep Sea Liquid Fish Oil, Cardiovascular Support


Ultra Pure Fish Oil 1400 (Pharmaceutical Grade) provides the same quality ultra-pure, non-rancid fish oil in a liquid format suitable for infants and children. It can be added to cereals or drinks. Ultra Pure Fish Oil "RS" has a pleasant natural lemon flavour and is generally well-accepted by children.


Adequate DHA levels are critical during the last trimester of pregnancy because this is when DHA accumulates in the brain and retina of the foetus. Insufficient DHA has an adverse effect on visual and neurological development, so the last trimester is when supplements for the mother and foetus give greatest benefit (Uauy et al., 2001).


In Norway, children born to mothers who were supplemented with cod liver oil (2 g/day of EPA + DHA) during pregnancy and during the first three months of lactation scored higher on mental processing tests at four years of age when compared to children whose mothers were not supplemented with cod liver oil (Helland et al., 2003).


Omega-3 deficiencies correlate with behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, anxiety, and disruptive behaviour; sleep difficulties, and learning difficulties in children (Kidd, 2007).


In the Oxford-Durham Study, a double-blind randomized control trial was conducted on 117 children aged 5 to 12, comparing a mixed omega-3/omega-6 supplement against an olive oil placebo. The supplement contained 174 mg DHA, 558 mg EPA, and 60 mg GLA, plus 9.6 mg vitamin E. The children on the supplement showed three times the normal expected gain in reading skills and twice the normal gain in spelling competency, plus marked improvement in behavior (Richardson & Montgomery, 2005).


After reviewing all the evidence of such studies, Richardson (2006) states that omega-3 status is very relevant to and therapeutically corrective for ADHD and related behavioral disorders such as aggressiveness, anxiety, and disruptive behaviour.


Fish oil taken by the mother during breastfeeding and the first two years of an infant's life was found to be effective in reducing atopic (allergy) conditions in childhood (Francois et al., 2003). Children who had adequate omega-3 during gestation and early childhood were 74% less likely to develop asthma (Hodge et al., 1996).


Recommended Dosage:

1 teaspoon daily with food or as directed by the healthcare professional.


Target Client:

Pregnant mothers, infants, and children needing supplemental DHA and EPA. It is essential for all children.


Hong Kong Compliance

Ingredients: Fish Oil, Natural Lemon Flavour, Rosemary Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate (E304), and Natural Tocopherols (E306).

SVE No.: 10-015550



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