ViraCon (60 Capsules)

Herbal Combination to Support the Immune System


ViraCon is a powerful combination of immune-enhancing herbal extracts. They function as potent immune system enhancers by increasing cytokines and the production of other important immune factors.


Elderberry has beneficial effects on retarding influenza virus replication (Zakay-Rones et al., 2004). The study showed that elderberry constituents neutralize the activity of hemagglutinin spikes on the surface of influenza viruses, which are used to penetrate a host's cells in order to replicate, which reduced the duration and intensity of flu symptoms.


Other ViraCon herbal ingredients help support and maintain normal respiratory function and energy. This is a popular supplement for Vital Nutrients practitioners in the U.S., and is recommended as vital for everyone.


Recommended Dosage:

2 or 3 capsules three to four times daily, or as directed by the healthcare professional.
If pregnant, consult your physician before taking it.


Target Client:

Men or women whose immune systems are under viral challenge.


Hong Kong Compliance

Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Scutellaria Extract, Elderberry Extract, Isatis Extract, Propolis, Astragalus Extract, Licorice Extract, Hypericum Extract, Coptis Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate (E304), and Zinc Citrate.

SVE No.: 10-015552



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