What is “NanocelleTM” CBD?

There are three aspects to describe in relation to the NanocelleTM products unique features:


This CBD product is in a “liposomal” format. This means the cannabinoids (CBD) are wrapped in a phospholipid or fat-soluble lipid bilayer coating, called a “liposome”. This can be visualized as above: 

A phospholipid is the same packaging that the body itself uses to move many small particles through the cells, blood, lymph and nervous systems. The phospholipids allow the NanocelleTM CBD to be more bio-available, passing into the cells easily owing to the similar properties of phospholipids and cell membranes. The image above is a generic visualization where the therapeutic agent, in this case the fat -soluble or liposoluble phytocannibinoids are within the particle sphere and held in the lipid bilayer of the liposome.


The second feature of NanoCBD is that the broad spectrum CBD oils are in a “nano-particle size” within the lipid bilayer. Technically “nano” is classified as a tiny particle size less than 100 nanometers. This is the same size as biological systems at the molecular scale. These small particles further improve their absorption into the blood and speeds their penetration into cell more easily than larger particles. The NanocelleTM Broad Spectrum CBD’s are readily released at the Endocannabinoid CB1 & CB2 receptors, mimicking the endogenously produced neurotransmitters in nano-sized liposomal form.


An oral-buccal spray format delivers NanocelleTM particles to an area of high absorption capacity inside the cheeks allowing superior delivery. This further improves bioavailability and compliance, along with a greater potential for lesser doses offering a better therapeutic effect enhancing overall patient satisfaction.